2018 Calendar iCal file to add fixtures to your phone

Calendar Links for all formats to add the league calendar to your phones integrated calendar – Always up to date so you know where you’re meant to be!

Just click on the relevant link below that corresponds to your phone software (Apple, Android or Windows) or whichever calendar you use on your device (works on phones and Tablets).

iPhone Calendar Link – Press this link to subscribe

Outlook Calendar Link – Press this link to subscribe

Google Calendar Link – Press this link to subscribe

New Website for B and B Pool League launches

Well its been a long time coming, but finally a stand alone website with a range of database driven statistics to look at.

Please bear with us while we keep adding data from the old site… theres plenty of it!

The fixtures remaining are being added to the new calendar system so the data you see is accurate, though not everything is added yet.

The teams and existing players have been inputted, a season of individual stats will follow and in future all stats from previous seasons will be available to view from 2018 onwards.

I hope you like the new site and layout,

Kind Regards,

Sean and the ECS Web Design Team.